Management Consultant

We facilitate, assist, and act as a catalyst for start-ups and fast-growing companies in the areas of Business Planning, Operation Management, and Business Expansion

Key Benefits

  • Get advice from experienced executives.
  • Have access to an outside "team member".
  • Have a neutral facilitator for project teams.


Review of the Operation

Review the operation from a process point of view. The result will be a status report on how the operation is performing today and how the organization can meet the challenges of tomorrow. In most organizations, the performance of a certain function is measured by the bottom-line results. How are such results achieved? Also, does the organization have the flexibility of adjusting to changing business needs?

Incentive & Performance Program

Does the employee have objectives that relate to those of the entire organization, or is there a gap between individual performance criteria and the performance criteria for the group? Within the Novexus network, we have individuals who have implemented incentive plans for organizations in different markets.

Business Planning

Any business with aspirations of serious growth needs a solid business plan tailored for the organization and understood and shared within the organization. The business plan should be straightforward and encompass Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Actions. It can then be reviewed and revised on a regular basis. Novexus has the experience and capability to assist in building a solid, concise Business Plan.

Business Expansion

Novexus is well suited to assist in any geographic expansion, via partnering and/or establishing an entity in another region/country.

Novexus Business Product

Mentor is a family of consultant products that ensure access to senior advice during a predefined number of hours per quarter.
Manager is a family of consultant products that ensure access to senior management advice in any high growth industry during a predefined number  hours per quarter.