Board Member

We serve or have served on many board of directors and have a long experience serving on boards for commercial companies, industry associations, and non-for-profit organizations.

Key Benefits

  • Get advice and support from experienced executives with long experience as members of board of directors.
  • Use the existing network to gain experience and contacts that support the company, association, and the organization.


Strategic Governance

Any company, association, and/or organization needs to be built upon a governance model that is relevant, up-to-date and reflects the interests of all the stakeholders. It must be clearly understood, adhered to, and easily communicated.

Long and relevant experience

Novexus has the necessary experience to guide and supervise many organizations and companies. Novexus can show evidence of the experience in a number of companies, associations, and companies and will only engage in positions where the experience is applicable.

Novexus Current Board Positions

Member of the Board of Directors

The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the USA

Member of the Board of Directors

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Washington, D.C.

Member of the Board of Trustees

Lund University Foundation