Business Liaison for Sweden

We provide the necessary contacts and services to U.S. companies wishing to expand into Sweden and/or establish partnerships with Swedish companies.

Key Benefits

  • Provide information to US companies about the Swedish High-Tech industry and its potential for investment.
  • Review and build a business profile of potential partners and their customers.
  • Arrange site visits via the Novexus network in Sweden.


Information about Swedish Industry

Sweden is known for its innovative industries, such as Ericsson, Volvo, SKF, Electrolux, and Pharmacia. The global success of these companies has led to the creation of several other companies that supply components and/or systems to these industries. These companies have then become successful, particularly in the software segment. Their success, combined with the fact that today Sweden is one of the leading countries in Internet use per capita, presents an interesting opportunity for business arrangements between the two countries. Novexus can via its network provide the relevant information on specific areas.

Building of Business Profile for Potential Partners

Novexus and its network can perform reviews with potential partners and assess their customers' satisfaction. Then a business profile for the partners can be built to accurately assesses the business potential and the business proposal.

Arrange Site Visits in Sweden

Novexus and its network can arrange a series of site visits in Sweden, in order to facilitate an efficient effort when choosing a suitable partner. Novexus and its network can also arrange to assist during the travel, should you see a need for this.

Novexus Current Business Positions

Positions available on request​​​​​​​