Business Development in the US

We assist Swedish companies in establishing a presence and/or expanding their presence in the United States.

Key Benefits

  • Get advice and support from experienced executives with solid experience in the Swedish IT industry that have successfully established them in the US business environment.
  • Prepare the groundwork on-site before any real business discussion can take place between the client and the target partner.
  • Build up a feasibility study based on face-to-face meetings with organizations and authorities about establishing an entity in the U.S.


Early Advice and Guidance

Time-to-market and the right investment are key factors in today's business. Novexus understands the environment, needs, and culture and will give valuable guidance in the early planning stages.

Expansion via Partnering

All sales efforts start with an understanding of the customer/partner. Meeting prospective partners in their environment, to see, feel and hear how the company is performing, can only achieve this. This exploratory phase and the planning for the clients’ subsequent visit to meet with their prospective partners can best be performed locally. Novexus can be very efficient in this role.

Feasibility Study to Establish an Entity

Entering the US market can be a challenge, but there is also potential for big rewards. In order to make the right investment decision, there is a need to get as accurate information as possible, early in the decision phase. Novexus has the network to assist you in this important decision for your company.

Novexus Current Business Positions

Positions available on request​​​​​​​